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Our philosophy

Thai Massage is an ancient massage technique and is a part of traditional Thai Medicine. The objective of Thai massage therapy is to restore the flow of energy and harmonises the complete energy level inside our body giving balance.

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The practice of healing and relaxation

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Choosing Mini Thai Therapy

Mini Thai Therapy specialises in authentic Thai Traditional and Oil massage which dates back some 2500 years. Thai Massage is one of the four branches of Traditional Thai medicine due to its healing nature.

I have certificates for Thai Traditional and Oil massage from the Wat Po school in Thailand.

Since its construction in the nineteenth century the Wat Po temple in Bangkok, historically the centre of the Royal Tradition of Thai medicine housing the ancient stone tablets, is to this day one of the most respected Thai massage and herbal medicine schools in the country.

Physical Benefits

Some of the common physical benefits are flexibility of muscles, posture improvements, Immune system boosting, muscle relaxation, mobility stimulation, detoxification of the body, stimulation of circulatory system.

Mental Benefits

Among many mental benefits that one could experience with this massage are increased focus, mental clarity.

Psychological Benefits

Some of the psychological benefits are reduced stress and anxiety levels and overall natural confidence.

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